1. Anyone had a #carlosV milk chocolate STYLE bar?!? (at Super Target)

  2. Had to show off my fresh #Hogwarts tee #harrypotter (at Pizza Lucé)

  3. We are on at 5! 1-2: DJ Just Nine
    2:00-2:15: Ecid
    2:30-3:30: DJ Petey Wheatstraw
    3:30-3:45: Lizzo
    3:45-4:00: Dem Atlas
    4:00-5:00: DJ Stage One
    5:00-5:15: Ceewhy + Guerilla Panic
    5:30-6:30: DJ X Cal

  4. What’s crazy is these were the next post down in my timeline @nsodclothing

  5. With @willways working in the new album #WinterIsComing

  6. Aye @shawnwoodall08854 remember when we first saw this and were dying laughing at this part 😂😭😂😆😆 #blade

  7. New Minnesota Anthem

  8. #SongsIWishIWrote #cocaine80s #lucid

  9. 🎶I want a girl wit extensions in her hair bamboo earrings at least two pair🎶

  10. #Flyshit

  11. Bears fight dirty!

  12. Thank you to #halfwaycooks for the opportunity to cook and talk about music & culture two of the things I love the most all you needed was some video games and I’d wouldn’t have ever left! (at CityFoodStudio)

  13. End results #halfwaycooks #freedomequalsgenius (at CityFoodStudio)

  14. #halfwaycooks #myjobisbetterthanyours (at CityFoodStudio)

  15. #bars (at patrick )