1. That WAS Crab and Brie Stuffed Salmon #SuperSmashBro #Stellasfishcafe good call bae Happy Birthday lover! 🎉🎁🎊 @msainra (at Stella’s Fish Cafe & Prestige Oyster Bar)

  2. #HalfwayCooks #Grind #DiversifyYourHustle #BeCreative #DoWhatYouCanSoYouCanDoWhatYouWant (at Angel Food MN)

  3. I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who has shown support to my band Guerrilla Panic in the past 2 1/2 years. Unfortunately yesterday was my last day as a member of GP and today marks a new direction for me as an artist and entrepreneur. I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the stage with some of MNs most talented musicians and have had some great moments being the leader of this band. I have no personal regrets and have no doubt grown as an artist and a man from this experience. I wish nothing but the best for my former bandmates. You guys will always be family to me. Once again thank you all for your support.


  4. DO NOT BE FOOLED DO YOUR RESEARCH #kochbrothers if you don’t know make sure you educate yourself! #Evil

  5. Laying here wishing I had some cereal…

  6. Im proud of my brother! Africana Study Abroad Alliance (ASAA) 2013-2014 Recap lib.mg/1p7pRzd @liberatormag

  7. Sad itchy day for the boy.

  8. Currently waiting to hand out fades on this #Madden15 on #Xbox360 holla at me

  9. Thoughts… Anyone who would like to build further then IG look me up on FB Dominique Ceewhy Suttles

  10. ….

  11. Today’s theme song.

  12. #WhySoSerious (at Prohibition Bar- W Minneapolis- The Foshay)

  13. #Bidness #OtherBrothers #NewVentures (at Prohibition Bar- W Minneapolis- The Foshay)

  14. Ladies when you decorate don’t forget to show your man it’s his place too and that you love him because #LoveRequiresAction #WePayAttentionMoreThenYouThinl

  15. Dr. Creepy Paws