1. Dr. Creepy Paws

  2. I did good for my first draft I think.

  3. Feeling good so far

  4. Almost draft time!!!! 💥💥👍🙊🙉🙈👊

  5. Dope!

  6. If you don’t know why this is funny your Sundays starting in October ain’t shit! Can’t wait for it to start again!!! 💀🔫

  7. Treats for an itchy dog

  8. It’s time to go….. (at Minnesota State Fair)

  9. at Minnesota State Fair

  10. #BlackLove #BugsLola (at Minnesota State Fair)

  11. Like a G 😉😜 (at Minnesota State Fair)

  12. #Merica (at Minnesota State Fair)

  13. Sound check for our show tonight at Bunkers downtown MPLS #Uprock #GuerrillaPanic #AudiyoElement (at Bunkers Music Bar & Grill)

  14. We are playing tonight with Audiyo Element at Bunkers around 10 PM be there!

  15. We’re playing at Bunkers in downtown MPLS on Friday come kick it with us.